How To Create Labels In Microsoft Word

You can labels in Word easily and these can be programmed as per need. You can dynamically generate your labels from a database or a .csv file in as little as a few minutes. It is possible to choose the size of your labels to match the paper they are going to be printed on. You can print the same label over and over again or you can have different texts on your labels. Regardless, this choice, the process is pretty much the same. It is possible that you don’t get it right from the first attempt. However, after you manage to understand each command and its consequences, you are going to see creating labels are a pretty straight forward process.

Labels and envelope commands can be found on the ribbon, in the Mailings tab. You can see that the first two pictograms correspond to the creation of envelopes and labels. Actually, no matter which one you choose, you are going to be directed to the same dialog box from where you are going to select the Labels tab if you want to print labels or the Envelopes tab if you need envelopes.

For the labels, you can choose if you want a single page of the same label or you want the same label printed repeatedly on the page, as many times as it fits. You can select how many rows and columns your format should have, so that you can match the labels with the physical ones for the print.

For the envelopes, you can also choose whether you want the return address to be written on them. You also need to choose how you are going to feed the envelopes into the printer. Actually, this may depend on your printer, so check it out prior to starting this job.

After you create your labels, you can choose if you want to add the text manually in each of them or you want to import the names and addresses from a list you already have. If you add them manually, you can produce the final document with all the formatting, then click in each label field and input your text.

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