How To Extend lifespan of Battery of Your Mobile Gadgets

Every gadget, mobile, laptops, tablets have a Lithium Ion Batteries installed to provide the back to them. You can Extend lifespan of Battery of Your Mobile, laptops, tablets, Gadgets if you follow certain tips. Original batteries generally last for about 2 years that may vary as use by individuals. There are many myths about making longer lifespan of batteries and we have few facts here to increase the span.

tips to extend battery lifespan of mobile

How To Extend lifespan of Battery of Your Mobile Gadgets

The advice given here for increasing the lifespan of the battery is based on the How To document given by manufacturers of gadgets for increasing the battery life.

1. When, you are planning to not use your gadget for a month long then you should not keep it after charging it full (100%). But keep it when it is half charged (50% discharged). If your device is being kept for a longer period then keep it charged in interval of 4 months upto half level. Switch off before keeping it safe. So, batteries should not be fully charged and should not full discharged. These precautions will help in increasing lifespan of Li-Ion batteries.

2. Keeping batteries or gadget in high temperature can harm it. Such as, you should not keep your batteries (mobile, gadgets) in closed car when it is hot or in open on summer when the temperature is as high as 36°C. As per recommendation of manufacturer, exposure to direct sunlight or high temperature can damage the Li-Ion batteries permanently.

3. You should remove the outer case if you are keeping device for charging for long hours, such as at night. There is no harm to keep device for charging at night, but if outer case id put on then the heat generated may increase the device temperature and it may lead less life span.

4. There is a myth that batteries should be charged only when it drops to Zero (0) charging level. But, as per recommendations, you should charge the battery before it goes down below 10% of charging level. The recommended range of keeping the battery charged is 40 to 70%. You can charge batteries many times in a day to keep it in the range.

If you follow these simple tips then you can extend lifespan of battery of your mobile, tablets, gadget’s batteries.

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