How To Identify And Remove Bad Backlinks

How To Identify And Remove Bad Backlinks? – You must be updating your website regularly with fresh and quality content. Also, you may be sharing your content on social media for driving traffic and increasing the rate of conversion of your website. You might have made several changes to your sites layout and design to get more traffic and to get better visitors’ satisfaction.

how to remove bad backlinks from your website

If your website is little older then you must have made several backlinks in the past. If you are unlucky then someone else has made bad links also to decrease the ranking with bad intention. As of now and in near future backlinks will play major role in ranking your site in major search engine such as Google. But, now number of links will have little value to search engine while quality of links will matter a lot. Search engine are continuously updating their algorithm for ranking those sites that have quality links. They have updated many parameters in their algorithm to get this feature better. If your website many low quality (or bad) links then ranking of your site may be poor in search engines.

How To Identify The Bad and Spam Links?

If your links belong to following categories then that link is considered as bad link:

  1. Spam as comment – There are two type comment spam that may be treated as bad link. One, links posted by others in your site as spam. Second, you have posted comments on other spams sites. This has become bad now as people have started using bot to post comments everywhere.
  2. Directory Links – Directory were having very good value earlier but now they do not have any value now for ranking in search engine. If a directory do not belong your niche then it has no sense also.
  3. Network Links – There are many sites that are using their site for listing the links only. They are earning money for posting links on their site while it does not offer any value to the visitor. These types of links are bad links now that was very good few years back.
  4. Over optimization – Over optimization of your site and links may prove destructive. You may be using anchor text for linking your site and if you have hundreds of links with same anchor text then search engines will find it easily and penalize the site. So, keep varying the anchor text when making a backlink to your website.
  5. Links from unrelated sites – If you have back links from any site (or more specifically post) that is not related your niche site or topic then this type of link may not have much value. So, avoid it.
  6. Spammed Content on your site – You may be having lot of content and many guest blogger may be writing in your website that may be making your site big. But quality of content matters a lot now for search engines. Many guest bloggers send spun content to many sites at a time for making backlinks and this type of content may harm your site reputation. So, be careful before posting any content and ensure that content posted is completely original.

Find Your Backlinks

It may not be easy for a person to find location of backlink. Especially those, whose websites are quite old and made links for several years then they may not know location of backlinks. But, you need not worry about it. There is a solution and tools available now that can give the complete details of backlinks to your website. Name of the tool is “Majestic Link Profile Tool” which can tell you the good and bad backlinks of your site.

How To Remove Backlinks?

It is not easy to remove back links easily. There is no such software exists that can be used as one click solution. But, you can remove bad links in following ways:

  1. You can ask people who are owner of site to remove the links. You may have success in many times but you may fail also. Many such site owners may ask for payment to remove the links. So, you have to decide the pros and cons.
  2. If your site has bad links from some of your page that is quite old then it is better to remove that page. OR you can modify URL of that page. It may result in drop of traffic for a while but it better for future to make strong site.
  3. You can disavow bad links from search engine. This can used when you are unable to remove some links that it pretty possible. Google has utility like Webmasters Tools where you can tell search not to consider certain links.
  4. Last option is to start from the beginning. If, after all your efforts, you could not remove the bad links and your site is penalized then better to start from fresh domain.

After removing the bad links your site may have lesser traffic due to absence of these links that were giving you some traffic earlier. But, in long run you will have stronger site and traffic may regain after some time. Removing back links will make your site have better ranking and increase in traffic.