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How To Extend lifespan of Battery of Your Mobile Gadgets

Every gadget, mobile, laptops, tablets have a Lithium Ion Batteries installed to provide the back to them. You can Extend lifespan of Battery of Your Mobile, laptops, tablets, Gadgets if you follow certain tips. Original batteries generally last for about 2 years that may vary as use by individuals. There are many myths about making longer

Top Performing Adsense Ad Banner Sizes

As per Google Adsense help section, it is the wider ad size that perform better as wider size of ad has better visuals and reader friendly. Readers can read wider size ads better than any other sizes. There are many sizes of Adsense ads available such as 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 300×600, 160×600, 468×60 and many

How To Download WhatsApp Contacts in Desktop Locally

Here in this article, you will learn the method to download your WhatsApp directory (phone numbers, profile pictures, and contact names) in your desktop locally. You can do this only with bookmarket. Do you that you can now use WhatsApp Messenger on Desktop PC, Mac if WhatsApp is working on your mobile phone which is