List of Stop Words for Better Google SEO

Why Stop Words Are Important?

Stop words can decrease your Google ranking considerably inspite of your best content.Here well give List of StopWords for Better SEO Google Search Engine. So, what are stop words? Stop words are the common words that we use. These are adjectives and other common words, such as ‘is’ ‘or’ ‘am’ ‘an’ ‘the’ those’ will’ ‘they’ etc. These words are often called as evil for SEO.

These stop words are needed in URL and title of any article written. Search engine, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing do not recognize titles more than 60 characters (Not Words). Thus we must use this limitation in our advantage and we should not waste it on stop words which are not relevant for search engines.

stop words list for seo

Example is given here:

Bad Title: This is the Complete Official Information about the American President

This Title can be changed to –
Good Title: American President’s Complete Information

Similarly you can avoid using stop words in URL, such as
Bad URL :

Convert this to Good URL
Good URL :

List of StopWords for Better SEO Google Search Engine

About, above, according, across, actually, after, afterwards, again, against, all, almost, alone, along, already, also, although, always, am, among, amongst, an, and, another, any, anyhow, anyone, anything, anywhere, are, aren, aren’t, around, at, b, became

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