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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts In Microsoft Word

This is a trick that can save you many hours of work. It is much faster to press a combination of keys on your keyboard instead of using the mouse to go to the ribbon and to select the command you want to launch. Here are a few of the most common shortcuts that are

How To Create Mail Merge In Microsoft Word

After you create your labels, it is time to fill them with content imported from an external file or a list. This is the role of the Mail Merge function which can help you print labels, envelopes and email messages easily. Let’s say you want to mail merge labels. As soon as you make your

How To Create Labels In Microsoft Word

You can labels in Word easily and these can be programmed as per need. You can dynamically generate your labels from a database or a .csv file in as little as a few minutes. It is possible to choose the size of your labels to match the paper they are going to be printed on.

How To Set Page Layout In Microsoft Word

Your page layout comes with default settings which enable you to produce documents that look neat and can be printed without problems. However, if that’s not enough for you, click on the Page Layout tab on the ribbon and take a look at all options you have for making your pages look exactly as you

How To Insert Objects Into A Word Document

In Microsoft Word, you can add many objects other than text. Like, you may insert images, tables, charts, symbols or hyperlinks. All these commands are available on the ribbon, in the Insert tab. You can insert a cover page for your document, by choosing one of the built-in templates. If you need a page break

How To Use Styles In Microsoft Word

Word has predefined formatting setting that can be applied with a click that called styles in Word. They help to increase the efficiency and ensuring the document is consistent from a formatting point of view. You can find the pre-defined styles on the ribbon, in the Home tab. By hovering over each style, you can

Expert Tips for Formatting Document In Microsoft Word

We will provide Expert Tips for Formatting Document In Microsoft Word. Simply entering a text may not be enough to produce a beautiful and well-organized document. The Word gives you the possibility to format your text as you wish. When the active tab on the ribbon is Home, you can find all formatting commands in the

How To Use Grammar Checker in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word checks grammar and spelling both at a time. Whenever a mistake is detected, the respective phrase is underlined in blue. You can see the correction, suggestion by right clicking on any of the underlined words. It’s good to make use of this functionality, as it works pretty well. If you can’t spot the

How To Use Microsoft Word Spell Checker

Microsoft Word provides facility for checking spelling that is quite useful. As you type, you can notice that some words are underlined with a thin, red, curly line. This happens whenever the words you type are not in the built-in dictionary. This is the spellchecker function and it is extremely useful, as most people do make

What Is Ribbon in MS Word and How To Use It?

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. What you see in the upper side is called “Ribbon” and it is a menu with pictogram images that enable fast access to the most used functions in Word. The Ribbon is organized into logical sections, so that various functions are grouped into the same area, for increasing